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Hongyang New Material Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. is a fastener manufacturer integrating fastener R&D, manufacture and sale. The company was originally established in 2008 and incorporated in 2014. It is head quartered in Handan Yongnian Standard Part Industrial Park, Hebei Province. The company has over 200 employees and the registered capital is RMB32 million. The company has strong production capacity and technical research capacity with over 100 sets advanced production plant and fully automatic production line.


A private firm integrating R&D, manufacture and sale.

A firm with its own export right

Our products are mainly used in building aluminum formwork,

mechanical industry, road, railway and bridges.





With strong technical R&D capacity
Hongyang is one of esteemed firms in China in auxiliary building material industry.

The company has been always standardizing its management, insisting survival with quality and valuing customers. It stringently controls quality, wins market with quality and improves its economic benefit. 

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How to shorten the "technical time difference" between domestic and foreign fastener manufacturing?
Why do foreign equipment come to Chinese enterprises, the utilization rate and products of the equipment in use will be very different? Where is the gap? This is what we call "technology time lag". That is, the technology gap between foreign equipment and other aspects, such as process, mode of use, production management and so on. China's fasteners occupy a pivotal position in the global fastener industry. However, there is still a big gap between the types of products, quality grades, technical standards and resources and environmental expenditure in the meso-industry and the advanced level of foreign countries. The main manifestation is that there are still double pressures of "surplus" and "shortage" in the production of fasteners in China. In the past 10 years, China's fastener manufacturing has been under great pressure. In the process of technology cooperation with foreign equipment, technological upgrading is invisible. But in addition to representing advanced technology and hardware equipment can be bought, the "technology time lag" besides hardware equipment is the invisible factor and key to the backward manufacturing technology of fasteners in China.
How to Select Single Head Bolts According to Flange
Single head bolts for flanges are usually hexagonal head bolts and flange nuts. They are generally hexagonal and can be divided into two types: single chamfer and double chamfer. Specific analysis is as follows: bolts are divided into single-head bolts and double-head bolts according to their shape. Single-head bolts only process threads at one end of the screw, while the other end is the screw head connected to the screw body. Single head bolts for flanges are usually hexagonal head bolts. The two ends of the double-head bolt are machined with a cylindrical shape. When the tension force is large, the single head bolt is easy to break at the connection between the screw and the screw head, so it can not be used on medium and high pressure flanges. The double-head bolt can not only be used on medium and high pressure flanges, but also be easily tightened from both sides.
China's high-end fasteners rely on imports, old engineers invent new models, or will break the foreign monopoly! Although Chinese ancients have excellent mortise and tenon design, but in today's dense steel building, the importance of threaded connection in the current building is self-evident. Nowadays, even if people invented good bolts and nuts, in many large-scale projects or high-speed and strong equipment operation, various disasters caused by loose connections between bolts and nuts continue to emerge.
The fastener industry is gaining momentum. China and the United States have agreed to stop imposing new tariffs.
It is worth mentioning that there are no nuts in the $200 billion commodity. Nuts are removed from the original list, but other fastener products are still on the list. This time, China and the United States agreed to stop imposing new tariffs on each other, which means that the fastener tariff will remain at 10%.



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